Who We Are

Sylvan is a reliable and partner to you, the healthcare professional. For 31 years we have furnished high quality light sources that provide atraumatic care options to your hospital staff caring for neonates. Our transilluminators go beyond vein location and helps nurses with various daily challenges.

Who We Help

Our medical devices support the nurse manager, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and physician in the NICU (Level I-IV), ER, and PICU in order to deliver atraumatic care solutions to neonates and other patients. Nurses value our devices because it minimizes the day’s biggest challenges at the beginning of each shift.

Our Equipment

Sylvan’s transilluminators offer the highest quality, bright white light without heat. It also offers a unique filtration system that removes UV and infrared light energy. Our medical devices have served in hospitals for decades without failure. Like the company itself, our products stand the test of time.

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Why We Exist – A note from Jim, Owner and Founder of Sylvan

I always felt I could make a positive difference in healthcare through producing better products to help nurses care for neonates. Since 1984, my family and I have been driven to provide continuous improvement in atraumatic care alternatives to nurses. We not only want to increase survival outcomes, but improve the quality of treatment for babies starting their lives under the most difficult of circumstances. Sylvan is based on the belief of a quality product made to stand up to the rigors of daily hospital use. The company was founded in 1984 and a true improvement to healthcare was born. Since then, it has grown within neonatal care and onto other patient care. With Sylvan’s versatility improvements in healthcare are born again and again.