Pediascan Model 500 Transilluminator

Pediascan® Model 500

A cold-light transilluminator designed to quickly and safely find veins in very low birth-weight neonates.

The Pediascan® Model 500 is a cordless, handheld cold-light fiberoptic transilluminator that is designed with a variable intensity rotary dial to ensure the healthcare professional has the optimum contrast between veins and organs and the surrounding tissue.  The Model 500 is capable of quickly and safely finding veins and for other transillumination procedures.  As with all of our other models, the brilliant white light is peaked in the light spectrum for best contrast with the human eye.  Each unit is built by hand in the United States of America.

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  • 100% ABS plastic
  • Mil-Spec rubber feet and stainless steel screws.


  • 5 hour run time; 5000 recharge life
  • Internal, rechargeable 7.2V; 1.8Ah NiCd battery pack with internal polyswitch
  • 2-4 hour recharge time – 20 minute fast charge feature
  • K913 Battery Charger is included with each unit purchased


  • Variable light intensity rotary dial
  • Exit tip approximate temperatures is ±94°F (34.4°C)
  • All UV and Infrared light is filtered out
  • ±7000 Foot-candle power
  • Dual redundant argon-filled halogen lamp output for brilliant white light


  • Unit Dimensions: 7 3/8”” x 4 5/16” x 2 5/16” (18.7cm x 11cm x 5.9cm)
  • Unit Weight: 1.4lbs (0.64kg)
  • Fiberoptic Light pipe: 4 feet long (1.22 meters) with a 0.250” (6.35mm) exit tip

Fiberoptic Cable:

  • Silicone encased quartz silica glass fiberoptic lightpipe
  • Medical grade stainless steel tips
  • Light port side is reinforced with high quality Delrin plastic with strain relief
  • Exit tip end is reinforced with strain relief
  • Autoclavable or can cleaned be with any approved hospital antiseptic/germicide
  • P101 Fiberoptic Cable is included with each unit purchased

Each new Pediascan® Model 500 purchased include a K913 Battery Charger, a P101 Fiberoptic Lightpipe, and an Owners’ Manual / Service Manual.

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