Transilluminators and Products

Our fiberoptic transilluminators offer a brilliant “cold” white light output with a maximum temperature of 101°F. The white light provides great contrast between veins and the surrounding tissue or organs.

Made with mil-spec or higher quality components, the  Pediascan® Maxiscan® transilluminators are known throughout NICUs and ERs for their durability and lifespan.

All units include one (1) 4-foot long silicone-encased fiberoptic lightpipe, one (1) battery charger, and an owner’s/service manual.

All transilluminators feature:

Bright white light output. (+ 7,000 @ nominal output or +10,000 @ maximum output in foot candles)

Portability with internal battery pack.

“Cold” light output. (94°F @ nominal output or 101°F @ maximum output)

No electricity to the isolette through the fiberoptic lightpipe.

Internal components along with fiberoptic lightpipe filter out all UV and IR light.

Pediascan® Model 100

Pediascan Model 100 Transilluminator

Rugged and reliable design with a small footprint.

Max tip temperature of 94°F

Small durable design

Most economical unit

Pediascan® Model 200

Pediascan Model 200 Transilluminator - Best Seller!

Extra light for larger patients.

40% momentary light increase option

Dual redundant light source

Large, rugged design

Pediascan® Model 500 

Pediascan Model 500 Transilluminator

Designed for use with very low birthweight babies

Rotary dial switch. 0-100% variable light intensity

Dual redundant light source

Max tip temperature of 94°F

Maxiscan® Model 1000

Maxiscan Transilluminator Model 1000

Our most versatile unit.

40% light increase option

Small footprint

Great for patients of all sizes

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