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P100 Model 100 Pediascan® transilluminator
P200 Model 200 Pediascan® transilluminator
P500 Model 500 Pediascan® transilluminator
P1000 Model 1000 Maxiscan® transilluminator
P250 Transport case
P260 Rolling stand
P101 Fiberoptic Lightpipe (all models)
P106 Battery charger/transformer – A/C adapter (all models)
K913 Smart Charger/Transformer w/ LED Indicators (US Style 3 Prong)
K913-IBK International Blade Kit for K913 Charger (US, AU, UK, Euro)
P107 Battery Pack with Internal Breaker (Please specify model number)
P108 Filter Glass with Bracket (all models)
P110 Jack (all models)
P111-200 Top Enclosure – Model 200
P111-500 Top Enclosure – Model 500
P112 Lamp Assembly (all models)
P113 Light Port, White Teflon (all models)
P114 Switch ON/OFF (Model 200, 500, 1000)
P115-100 Pushbutton Switch ON/OFF (Model 100)
P116-200 High Intensity Momentary Switch (Model 200)
P117-500 Variable Intensity Potentiometer (Model 500)
P118 Rubber Feet w/ Screws (set of 4)
P119 Resistor
P121 Knob for Potentiometer (Model 500)
P122 Diode
P124-200 Bottom Enclosure – Model 200 (Please specify the Serial Number)
P124-500 Bottom Enclosure – Model 500 (Please specify the Serial Number)
P125 Bottom Enclosure – Model 100 (Please specify the Serial Number)
P126 Top Enclosure – Model 100
P127 Aluminum Faced Silicone Foam
P128 Top Enclosure – Model 1000
P129 Bottom Enclosure – Model 1000 (Please specify the Serial Number)
P133 Terminal block – Model 500
P134 Terminal block – Model 200
P135 Terminal block – Model 100/1000
P136 Sterile Sleeve for P101 (box of 24)

Prices and descriptions may change without notice. Please contact Sylvan to confirm price and availability.